SEO Data Analysis


We create WINNING multi-channel SEO strategies

The first stage of our SEO process allows us to dig into data to establish your current SEO standing, how your competitors are ranked, their tactics and your customer’s search patterns.  We also gain a valuable view of your business through its key stakeholders.


Your Data Analysis

Data tells a story and we need to understand yours. We’ll pull important SEO data from your Google Analytics, through Google Search Console and tools such as SEM Rush to help us formulate an initial way ahead for your campaign.

Internal Survey

We have a concise onboarding questionnaire that we ask key members of your team to complete. Their knowledge gives us a fast track internal view and provides us (and you) valuable feedback on stakeholder opinions of the existing website, business and customers.

External Survey

To understand your target customers, we approach a number of your existing and historic clients and ask them to complete a short customer survey. This really helps us to understand what your typical customer groups look like, the key stages they go through when deciding on a supply route, what’s important to them when making buying decisions, which channels they use to help them reach those key decisions and the language they use when looking for answers.

Competitor Analysis

We use tools to monitor your main competitors’ websites, so we can get a clear picture of where their traffic comes from, how they rank and their tactics to achieve success. This information helps us to consider the right channels to attack for your SEO campaign and create a multi-channel SEO strategy.


About Us

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