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We help companies organically grow their online brand, traffic & revenue

Search engine optimisation means a lot of things to many people.  To us, it means we optimise for clicks. We focus on getting your brand in front of the right people who are searching for your products or services.

We don’t just run audits and give a report advising you how to fix your site, we have the capabilities to execute all the improvements for you in-house or by working alongside you, in whatever capacity you need to ensure that the SEO strategy we outline is fulfilled.


SEO Strategy

There’s a lot of moving pieces in an SEO campaign – it’s important to have a roadmap to keep the campaign on track.  Our team will generate a timeline so you can stay on track with SEO updates and website performance.

Technical SEO Consulting

Google ranks websites that are built according to their Webmaster guidelines. We run a detailed and thorough technical audit to uncover any problems with your website and present them to you in an easy to understand report along with a plan to fix complicated website issues.

Website Quality Audit

Google creates a “quality score” for your website and relies on it for deciding which websites to rank. The higher the score the better you rank. We’ll evaluate each page of your website and provide a report on its quality score and give you a specific action to take to improve it.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the cornerstone of any SEO campaign. We’ll uncover what keywords work for your top competitors and your customers. Our keyword research will reveal main, secondary and semantic keywords for every page on your website and advise of valuable keyword opportunities.

Content Gap Analysis & Creation

We’ll highlight keywords with ‘top of the funnel’ intent (such as keywords used for research prior to purchase) and ‘bottom of the funnel’ intent (keywords used where a purchase is intended)

We’ll provide a content plan where keywords with ‘top of the funnel’ intent will be prescribed to use to build content pieces such as blog posts or case studies.

The keywords with ‘bottom of the funnel’ intent will be used to generate new landing pages on your website. With our website UX knowledge, we can mock up the recommended layouts for additional pages to be added on your site.

On-Page Research and Optimisation

We’ll get your website optimised and ranking in a brutally competitive space by formulating an SEO on-page content strategy to improve the visibility of each page of your website.

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